Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Little 4.0

Greetings- Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to take this long in getting around to the maiden post of my new blog-however Culinary school has proven to need more attention as far as homework and studying goes, so I put that first.

As a result of all my hard work, and endless studying, I walked away with a "Little 4.0"- In Beach Boys style I thought I'd write a little song about it- to the tune of their hit "Little GTO"...

♪♫Little 4.0, you're really lookin' fine
Test scores that all start with a nine
I did so well, I'm living my dream
Watch me turn it on, cut it up, blow it out 4.0! ♪♫

I look sorta cute, in my chefy whites
Baggy checkered pants and a hat so tight
I studied all day long, and well into the night
Watch me turn it on, cut it up, blow it out 4.0  ♪♫

♫♪Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa... tourne, cocotte and allumette
Hacher, cheveau and demi-lune
I can chop things and even carry a tune ♪

I've learned a zillion words in French
Way more than any weight I can bench
I'm real proud to just let ya know
I rocked my classes and got a 4.0  ♪♫

Looks like I may just have a future with Weird Al Yankovich should I ever desire one. :)

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  1. I hope you never desire a career with Weird Al... He's way too annoying! lol